120 - Azure Updates

Another month, another Azure Update episode! We look at the recent Azure updates, changes, and announcements—plenty of incremental updates, some larger ones, and a few esoteric ones this time. Also, Jussi asks Tobi an unexpected question. This episode is sponsored by ScriptRunner.

(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(07:08) - Episode content starts.

Show links

- Azure Key Vault service limits (Microsoft Docs)
- Preview: Multitasking in the cost analysis preview (Azure Updates)
- Azure Cache for Redis and managed identities (Azure Updates)
- One-minute frequency log alerts (Azure Updates)
- GA: Azure Backup hybrid backup updates (Azure Updates)
- Preview: Managed certificate support for Azure API Management (Azure Updates)
- GA: Azure DevOps updates (Azure Updates)
- GA: New and improved alert rule creation experience (Azure Updates)

This episode is sponsored by ScriptRunner.
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