In this week's episode, we look at recent Azure updates. What's new? What's interesting? What's retiring? We found updates for Azure AI, Microsoft Sentinel, and Azure Advisors, and many others. Also, Jussi asks Tobi an unexpected question.

(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(02:48) - Show content starts.

Show links
- Virtual network flow logs
- Azure Classic networking services retirement
- New Azure OpenAI and AI Search connectors for Logic Apps
- Azure AI Search changes
- Windows Server 2025 & Windows Server Insider Program
- Get end-to-end protection with Microsoft's unified security operations platform
- Use the SIEM migration experience - Microsoft Sentinel
- Calculate cost savings in Azure Advisor - Azure Advisor | Microsoft Learn

Creators and Guests

Jussi Roine | Microsoft MVP
Jussi Roine | Microsoft MVP
Hey 👋 Awesome with Security + AI. Building high-performing businesses | Microsoft MVP/MCM/MCT | Ctrl+Alt+Azure 🎙️ | Dad of 3 | Powerlifting + 🥦
Tobias Zimmergren
Tobias Zimmergren
Principal Content Lead @Microsoft. Co-host @CtrlAltAzure. Tweets about #azure, #security, #cybersecurity, #architecture, and more. Ex MVP (13yrs)
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