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086 - Exploring Azure Synapse with Vesa Tikkanen

In this episode, we talk about Azure Synapse (and Azure Data in general) with our guest, Mr. Vesa Tikkanen. During our chat, we position the numerous Azure Data services, including Snowflake and Databricks. Jussi asks Vesa an unexpected question.

085 - A look at Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes

During Microsoft Build 2021, Microsoft announced new capabilities for Azure Arc. We take a look at what these are, and how it changes the thinking in a hybrid approach. Topics on this include Kubernetes, the different serverless approaches for Azure workloads, and how to set up a test lab for this. Also, Jussi asks Tobi a surprising question.

084 - Creating custom connectors in Azure for Power Platform

In this episode, we focus on creating Azure-hosted custom connectors, that Power Platform can use. We briefly take a look at what Power Platform is, and then move on to how to host your custom connectors and what Azure services to utilize. Lots of talk about APIs, Swagger, and serverless! Jussi also asks Tobi an unexpected question.

083 - Microsoft Build 2021 announcements and news

Microsoft Build 2021 has kicked off, and we are digesting some of the Azure-related announcements and news we think are interesting.

082 - So, where is my data?

Do you know where your data resides in Azure? We take a look at data residency in Azure. We talk about geos, regions, and locations, a bit about GDPR, and our findings. Also, Jussi gets the unexpected question.

081 - Azure Updates

A look at the very recent Azure updates. We pick and choose the interesting and important ones for IT Pros and developers. So much to talk about this time!

080 - Exploring Azure Arc with Thomas Maurer

In this episode, we invite Microsoft's Thomas Maurer to talk about Azure Arc. What is it, how does it help us, is it difficult to start with, and what does it cost? Also, Swiss chocolate!

079 - We're talking about Azure Bicep

We take a look at Azure Bicep - an approach where you author .bicep files that produce ARM templates for Azure. We talk about the tooling, the maturity of Azure Bicep, the approaches, and how PowerShell users might feel about it. Also, Jussi asks Tobi a surprising question.

078 - Azure Updates

We take a look again at the most recent Azure updates - what's announced, what's in preview, and what's generally available now?

077 - Publishing with Azure AD Application Proxy

In this episode, we take a look at Azure AD Application Proxy. Using it to publish internal apps, while enforcing security requirements such as MFA, makes it super easy to provide access for your users. We talk about the use cases, licensing, approaches and challenges.

076 - So you want to become an Azure developer? Get the AZ-204!

We take a look at the current status of Azure certifications, more specifically, the AZ-204 - a developer certification. We talk about our experiences on passing (and failing) certifications and what is required from developers in the exam. Also, preparation tips and updates on the recent changes to certifications. Tobi asks Jussi an unexpected question.

075 - Azure spring cleaning

It's time for an Azure spring cleaning! In this episode, we talk about cleaning up your Azure subscriptions and Azure AD tenants. We talk a little bit about governance but focus more on the practicalities - what tools to use, what to clean, how to conduct those discussions with stakeholders, and why you should worry about the cost. Also, Jussi asks Tobi an unexpected question.

074 - Azure Updates

We're taking another look at recent Azure updates from Microsoft. Azure Functions on .NET 5, Routing Preferences, Security Center updates, RBAC with Cosmos DB, API Management extension in VS Code, and more!

073 - Security with Microsoft Teams

We scratch on the surface of things to consider if you're rolling out Microsoft Teams in your organization.

072 - Ignite recap with Martijn

For this episode, we welcome Martijn Brant from the Netherlands to chat about Ignite and the announcements. We take a look at different announcements and share our thoughts on those, and also try to learn a little bit of Dutch.

071 - Briefly chatting about Security Operations in Azure

We tune in to discuss Security Operations in Azure this time around. What's a Security Operations Center (SOC), and what are the principles? We then take a longer tour around the core services needed to navigate Security Operations in Azure successfully. Also, Tobias asks Jussi an unexpected question.

070 - Expectations on Microsoft Ignite 2021

Microsoft Ignite is just around the corner! Join us for this episode where we talk about the basics of Ignite, what we expect to hear in terms of announcements and insights on Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Azure, and hybrid. We also introduce a new closing section to the show!

069 - Printing is still a thing - a look at Universal Print

Let's talk about printing! On real paper! Universal Print is a solution from Microsoft - currently in public preview - that allows companies to manage printer queues and jobs from Azure. We'll take a look at how to set it up and how it works.

068 - Azure updates

We digest another batch of Azure Updates, including Security Center updates, Storage Account security improvements, and more.

067 - End-to-end testing with Playwright on Azure

Turns out that Visual Studio 2019 is deprecated the load and availability testing tools. We take a look at alternative tools, mainly Playwright (a fork from Puppeteer) and how one can get this up and running and deployed to Azure.

066 - Azure Updates

In this update episode, we focus on the latest updates on Azure during January 2021.

065 - Design for transient faults in Azure

We touch on the topic of designing resilient and reliable applications in the cloud. Specifically, what transient faults are, and why we need to tackle them in our design.

064 - Getting started with machine learning using Lobe

Lobe is a free tool from Microsoft, allowing you to easily create machine learning models based on images. No coding required! We take a look at the tool and think about the use cases and opportunities it provides.

063 - Azure updates

To kick off 2021, we have a look at the most recent Azure updates!

062 - Finding your way with Azure Maps

Another episode where we take a look at something we've not used previously - Azure Maps and Azure Maps Creator. We talk about the use cases, set up, and pricing for the service, and also reflect back to how they remind us of Azure FarmBeats as an industry solution.

061 - Azure updates

In this episode, we take a look at recent updates for Azure, especially from December 2020.

060 - FinOps with Azure with Tamás Gémesi

In this episode, we take a look at FinOps (Finance Operations) with our guest, Tamás Gémesi. As we're not familiar with FinOps before this episode, we take a look at what it is, what it consists of, and what should one focus on when building out a FinOps practice.

059 - Azure in Space?

Azure.. in space? We talk about the recent announcement regarding Azure Space. What is it, and when can you get it? Turns out, it isn't just one specific product you provision via the Azure Portal, but a larger idea of how Azure can be integrated with other systems.

058 - Azure Updates

Another episode about recent changes and updates in Azure to keep an eye out for.

057 - Azure Policy and Azure Key Vault integration

In this episode we talk about the new Azure Policy integration for Azure Key Vault. Stay on top of the Azure Governance game by rolling out proper policies across your organization, which now also cater for objects inside your Key Vault. Secrets, Certificates, and Keys.

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